Produce Crisping Carts

These carts allow quick, easy access to all crisping baskets. Mobile units can be filled in prep area and rolled into the cooler. All units accept Nestier, Buckhorn®, and Lewis chill baskets 26” x 29”.

Model No.Size W-H-L (in.)CapacityShipping Weight (lbs.)TypeRunner Spacing (in.)List Price
131532½ x 8½ x 268 Baskets42Stationary Unit- Equipped With Drip Pan & Adjustable Feet10¾”$691
131632½ x 86½ x 268 Baskets60Mobile Unit — Equipped With Drip Pan10¾”$883
9513632½ x 76 x 267 Baskets58Mobile Unit — Equipped With Drip Pan10¾”$829