Picking Carts

These carts help minimize the mess of transporting produce by retaining moisture and debris. These carts have two reinforced removable drip pans to help remove unwanted moisture and help keep clean. They are all welded for maximum strength and durability.

Model No.TypeSize W-H-L (in.)Weight Cap.(lbs.)CastersShipping Weight (lbs.)List Price
1415Solid Top Shelf • T-Bar Bottom Shelf19 x 30 x 41800443$768
1416Solid Top Shelf • T-Bar Bottom Shelf w/ Handle19 x 42 x 48800446$802
1420T-Bar Top & Bottom Shelf w/ Handle19 x 42 x 481000445$684
1490Solid Top & Bottom Shelf w/ Handle19 x 39 x 48800655$1002
NS765Solid Top & Bottom Shelf w/ Handle -- "Floral Cart" - Not NSF Approved18⅝” x 32” x 45”500643$948