Hinged Ramps

New Age Hinged Ramps are offered in several configurations. Bi-Fold Ramps have a large ramp deck to accommodate different width equipment. Easily separation can accommodate even wider loads. Tri-Fold ramps work great in situations were narrow storage is desired and greater widths are required. Again, each section can be separated to accommodate wider loads. Heavy Duty folding ramps are the most robust ramp offering from New Age. 2400Lb per ramp capacity can accommodate a wider spectrum of equipment.

Model No.TypeIn Use Size (in.)Size Folded (in.)Rung SpacingWeight Capacity (lbs.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)List Price
3763Bi-Fold50 x 8125.5 x 815.5150030$Contact Factory
3765Bi-Fold44 x 7122.5 x 715.5150028$Contact Factory
3768Bi-Fold48 x 72.524.375 x 72.55.5150029$Contact Factory
3769Tri-Fold50 x 7118 x 715.5150028$Contact Factory
3789FHD Folding - Single18 x 88.518 x 455.52400/pair44$Contact Factory