Platform Trucks

These all welded aluminum trucks are avaliable with a smooth deck for diamond deck. A large 1-11/16" diameter pipe handle is easy on the hands and removes easily. Equipped with durable, pleaste type casters.

Model No.Size W-H-L (in.)TypeDeck Size (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)NSFList Price
60328N/AExtra Handle for 24" UnitsN/A260011No$126
60329N/AExtra Handle for 30" UnitsN/A260011.5No$126
60330N/AExtra Handle for 36" UnitsN/A260013No$126
PT2436P624 x 41 x 39Tread Plate Deck24 x 36260056No$1333
PT2436S624 x 41 x 39Smooth Deck24 x 36260054No$1229
PT2448P624 x 41 x 51Tread Plate Deck24 x 48260060No$1375
PT2448S624 x 41 x 51Smooth Deck24 x 48260058No$1346
PT3048P630 x 41 x 51Tread Plate Deck30 x 48260067No$1546
PT3048S630 x 41 x 51Smooth Deck30 x 48260065No$1457
PT3060P630 x 41 x 63Tread Plate Deck30 x 60260078No$1621
PT3060S630 x 41 x 63Smooth Deck30 x 60260075No$1602
PT3660P636 x 41 x 63Tread Plate Deck36 x 60260089No$1916
PT3660S636 x 41 x 63Smooth Deck36 x 60260089No$1743
PT3672P636 x 41 x 75Tread Plate Deck36 x 72260095No$1974
PT3672S636 x 41 x 75Smooth Deck36 x 72260093No$2028