Table Accessories

Structural aluminum mesh is welded to the tubular frame. Cantilever design supports the rack from the rear providing unbostructed access to a saw or wrapping station positioned on either side of the table. Easily adjustable to a 10" rear tilt.

Model No.Item DescriptionSizeShip Lbs.List Price
1375Paper Holder12” x 5” x 31”3$106
1376Platter Holder30” x 24”17$432
1377Drawer/Hardware15” x 18”10$427
1379S.S. Backsplash 6” x 6”36”14$240
1380S.S. Backsplash 6” x 6”48”16$266
1381S.S. Backsplash 6” x 6”60”19$300
1382S.S. Backsplash 6” x 6”72”22$334
1383S.S. Backsplash 6” x 6”84”25$529
1384S.S. Backsplash 6” x 6”96”28$401
999(4) Casters, 5” Stem Type For KD Tables N/A10$269