Quick Change Cantilever Shelves

Individual Quick Change Cantilever Shelves are available in HD, T-Bar and Solid Reinforced series. Pair them with Horizontal Braces (one per shelving section) and Uprights to assemble a complete unit as pictured.

Model No.Size D-L (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)TypeList Price
250118 x 369006.5H.D. Bar Shelf$163
250218 x 429008.5H.D. Bar Shelf$169
250318 x 489009H.D. Bar Shelf$180
250518 x 6090011.2H.D. Bar Shelf$195
251124 x 369008.3H.D. Bar Shelf$196
251224 x 429008.7H.D. Bar Shelf$204
251324 x 489009.2H.D. Bar Shelf$217
251524 x 6090011H.D. Bar Shelf$234
252118 x 369009.5T-Bar Shelf$208
252218 x 4290010.5T-Bar Shelf$226
252318 x 4890011.8T-Bar Shelf$242
252518 x 6090014.6T-Bar Shelf$285
253124 x 3690011T-Bar Shelf$231
253224 x 4290013.5T-Bar Shelf$251
253324 x 4890014.5T-Bar Shelf$266
253524 x 6090017T-Bar Shelf$317
254118 x 367009.5Solid Reinforced Shelf$251
254218 x 4270010.5Solid Reinforced Shelf$297
254318 x 4870012Solid Reinforced Shelf$258
254518 x 6070014.6Solid Reinforced Shelf$299
255124 x 3670011Solid Reinforced Shelf$262
255224 x 4270012Solid Reinforced Shelf$299
255324 x 4870013Solid Reinforced Shelf$281
255524 x 6070019Solid Reinforced Shelf$330