All Welded T-Bar Shelves

This unique, All Welded T-Bar Shelf construction allows for easy-on, easy-off of product and easy storage while providing maximum air circulation.

Model No.Size D - H - L (in.)Number of ShelvesShelf Clearance (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs.) per shelfShipping Weight (lbs.)NSFList Price
1021TB20 x 48 x 36234.5100055Yes$562
1022TB20 x 48 x 48234.5100067Yes$622
1023TB20 x 48 x 60234.5100073Yes$702
1024TB20 x 48 x 72234.5100077Yes$786
1025TB24 x 48 x 36234.5100056Yes$594
1026TB24 x 48 x 48234.5100069Yes$690
1027TB24 x 48 x 60234.5100076Yes$779
1028TB24 x 48 x 72234.5100080Yes$871
1030TB20 x 48 x 42234.5100057Yes$578
1031TB24 x 48 x 42234.5100063Yes$646
1041TB20 x 60 x 36322.25100062Yes$734
1042TB20 x 60 x 48322.25100076Yes$849
1043TB20 x 60 x 60322.25100091Yes$967
1044TB20 x 60 x 72322.25100096Yes$1086
1045TB24 x 60 x 36322.25100070Yes$811
1046TB24 x 60 x 48322.25100078Yes$944
1047TB24 x 60 x 60322.25100089Yes$1091
1048TB24 x 60 x 72322.251000103Yes$1222
1050TB20 x 60 x 42322.25100067Yes$779
1051TB24 x 60 x 42322.25100076Yes$884
1061TB20 x 72 x 36418.25100078Yes$909
1062TB20 x 72 x 48418.25100088Yes$1067
1063TB20 x 72 x 60418.251000103Yes$1235
1064TB20 x 72 x 72418.251000119Yes$1392
1065TB24 x 72 x 36418.25100090Yes$1022
1066TB24 x 72 x 48418.25100097Yes$1196
1067TB24 x 72 x 60418.251000112Yes$1389
1068TB24 x 72 x 72418.251000127Yes$1568
1070TB20 x 72 x 42418.25100083Yes$984
1071TB24 x 72 x 42418.25100092Yes$1136