Adjust-A-Shelf - Solid Brute

Adjust-A-Shelf Solid Brute shelves use reinforced bars to provide a flat, smooth and removable surface for easy cleanup. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 800 pounds. All models are compatible and interchangeable with all series of "Adjust-A-Shelf" shelving. The models listed here are shelves only. Please select posts and accessories separately. Each complete unit assembles in minutes using only an allen wrench.

Model No.Size D - L (in.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)List Price
1530SB15 x 308$218
1536SB15 x 369.5$239
1542SB15 x 4210.5$249
1548SB15 x 4811.5$251
1554SB15 x 5413$299
1560SB15 x 6014$305
1830SB18 x 309$232
1836SB18 x 3610$209
1842SB18 x 4211.5$221
1848SB18 x 4812.5$199
1854SB18 x 5414$301
1860SB18 x 6015$275
1872SB18 x 7217.5$296
2030SB20 x 309$274
2036SB20 x 3611$203
2042SB20 x 4212.3$246
2048SB20 x 4814$238
2054SB20 x 5415.4$270
2060SB20 x 6015.8$279
2066SB20 x 6617.5$492
2072SB20 x 7218$323
2430SB24 x 3010.5$241
2436SB24 x 3611.8$226
2442SB24 x 4213.4$252
2448SB24 x 4816.5$241
2454SB24 x 5417$279
2460SB24 x 6018.4$296
2466SB24 x 6619.2$413
2472SB24 x 7223.2$343