Solid Shelves - Standard

Organize smaller, lighter products using our Solid Shelves. The solid sheet design permits easy clean-up and minimizes the mess of "leaky" products.

Model No.Size W - L (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)NSFList Price
1530S15 x 304006.3Yes$185
1536S15 x 364006.9Yes$203
1542S15 x 424007.6Yes$217
1548S15 x 484008.9Yes$223
1830S18 x 304007.3Yes$187
1836S18 x 364007.3Yes$168
1842S18 x 424009.2Yes$212
1848S18 x 4840011Yes$193
2030S20 x 304008.5Yes$200
2036S20 x 364008.8Yes$177
2042S20 x 424009.8Yes$211
2048S20 x 4840013Yes$191